"Economic animation to support the crossborder
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Measure 2.1. Improvement of the competitiveness and the cooperation



1. Premise

2. Motivations

3. Objective

4. Technical content of the project

5. Resulted attended

6. Effects of crossborder area

7. Plain of the activities

7.1. Preliminary activity of focusing of the sectors with the entrepreneurial Associations and the agencies of the local development

7.2. Events of small workshop

7.3. Support of technological collaborations in the crossborder area for SME's

7.4. Promotion of a network for the technological collaborations in the crossborder area

7.5. Management of the project

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Cooperation project between cross border partners
Profiles of individual Venetian - Slovenian companies identified to promote technological collaboration between the respective geographical areas of the project partners.
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The Program of community initiative INTERREG IIIA Italy - Slovenia interests an area 12.000 Kmqs. and a general population of 2 million inhabitants.

The terrestrial frontier interests 24 Communes for the Italian part and 13 Communes for the slovenian part. The maritime frontier between Italy and Slovenia is in the northern part of the Adriatic and understands the basins in Venice , Trieste and koper. The territory of border between Italy and Slovenia , therefore, introduces a notable geographical, environmental and cultural variety.

The area interested by the Program is characterized by the problems typical of the crossborder areas, where the marginal in comparison to the economic and decisional centre they are accented by the presence of confinements that you/they limit the economic, social and cultural exchanges, as well as the unitary management, efficient of the territory. The national politics extend to be a little incisive in the peripheral zones that often introduce particular partner-economic situations.

The analysis of the situation partner - economic some area has shown as a consistent part of the territory you manifest problems of delay of development to which are contrasted, phenomenon of consequential industrialization from a new model of growth in action.



The relationships among the SME's of the two areas introduce outstanding potentiality of growth. To improve the relationships among the two entrepreneurial systems constitutes an important factor. The project is established the purpose to help this integration through different actions with the involvement of the economic and institutional corporate body of both the territories. The actions aim to increase the level of knowledge competitiveness and innovation favouring processes of institutional and economic cooperation.

The strategy of project spaces in fact from the creation of nets among the various present economic actors to the stimulus to the introduction of new technologies also in cooperative way, from the direct meeting among enterprises for the development of real new connected enterprises; to the supply of tools of custom information for the commerce.

To improve the relationships among the two entrepreneurial systems constitutes - even more after the entrance of Slovenia in the European Union - an important factor of immediate widening of the market of the small enterprises. This phase therefore it represents a decisive and important moment for the whole crossborder region to try to connect among them the systems economic and productive places and to bait equal opportunities of development.



The general objective is that to extend the opportunities of development of the SME's of the whole crossborder area promoting the birth of opportunity entrepreneurial innovative communes, also pursuing the maximum possible integration.

Insofar the project intends to develop:

a) activity of economic animation and creation of nets among corporate body and organizations

b) activity of productive crossborder cooperation among SME's

c) activity of support to the technological collaboration among SME's in the crossborder area

This strategy will be pursued through the use of the internet, with small events of cooperation, with the development of a bank you date of cluster, with the most traditional actions of twin ship among associations of category and corporate body of the area.

The project is turned in the specific one to develop a favourable environment to the commercial, technological and productive cooperation of the Venetian and Slovenian enterprises residents in the crossborder area.

The actions have as specific objectives:

- The improvement of the accessibility to the information and the services to allow the system to develop ability proper of integration

- The promotion of direct contractual accords among the enterprises of the two parts both from the productive point of view - commercial that of integration of technologies

- the improvement of the use of the technological innovations among the enterprises of the two parts for the development of common technological search

- The improvement of the knowledge of the relationships of the two markets, of their opportunities, of the associative and institutional actors or of the services that operate in the crossborder Region.



The project Opportunity Slovenia II is the pursuance of the concluded experience in the trail planning and intends to first of all develop the cooperation crossborder among the SME's on the front of the technological innovation with the purpose to integrate at the most the economic operators of the whole territory.

In this context the side Slovenian represents for the Italian enterprises a ground of possible development of innovative firms, and the Slovenian enterprises the collaboration with the Italian enterprises can represent the access to mechanisms of global economy development.

And' so possible to create virtuous mechanisms of development without migration of wealth from a slope to strengthening the circle of the mutual knowledge and the collaborations among SME's and among corporate body or institutions that you valorize the mutual endogenous resources in the optics of a competitive positioning of the whole area towards the whole Continental Europe.


Among the actions that foresee him:

- The information diffusion,

- The stimulus to the introduction of technological innovations,

- The promotion of network with banks given common,

- The search of cooperation among crossborder partner,

- The strengthening of the bonds of the institutional and associative subjects of the two parts

- The supply of services of assistance to the enterprises of the two parts,

- The promotion of a net for the innovation and the technological transfer



The attended results are in good part type qualitative treating itself of actions of economic animation and creation of nets among corporate body and organizations destined to also last after the conclusion of the project, of incentive of activity of the productive cooperation among PMI, of activity of support to the technological collaboration among PMI in the crossborder area, of information and assistance to the enterprises in their approaches with the internazionalization or the technological development, of sensitization and orientation to the innovation and the creation of enterprise with relapses on the occupational levels of the area.

Inside the project they have particular importance:

- the exchange of the know-how that helps to create favourable conditions to the intensification of the crossborder exchanges among the SME's.

- the development of wider and stable relationships among the organizations of the two areas contributes to the expansion of the volume of the exchanges

These actions represent meaningful factors of crossborder impact that facilitates the development of wider and stable relationships among the enterprises of the two areas, they contribute to the expansion of the volume of the exchanges and the possible consequent positive occupational relapse.



The improvement of the crossborder operational environment , to forehead of the progressive removal of the technical barriers to the exchanges between Italy and Slovenia and of the progressive ability of the economy of slovenian market to face the competitive pressure of the strengths of the "inside market", they shape the expansion of the infra-community market, that has already allowed the years '90 to the Italian enterprises a structural acceleration of the results gotten with their exports.

In this sense strategy persecutes she wants to furnish a concrete contribution to the process of harmonization economic integration of the two areas considering above all also the respective potentialities of offer of the fabric economic-productive fact of small and averages it undertook that they can result complementary in numerous productive sectors

The widening of the domestic market of the SME's of the area through accords of cooperation and technological integration also favourites the general improvement of their competitiveness and consolidates the perspectives of growth of it. Particular attention will be devoted in the field of the transfer of know-how to the clean or echo-compatible technologies in tuning with the general objectives of the measure in the optics of respect of the environmental guardianship and sustainability of the development.


7.1. Preliminary activity of focusing of the sectors with the entrepreneurial Associations and the agencies of the local development

The initial phase has the purpose to put to fire the 3/4 economic sectors on which to develop the intervention and to underline its problem list. Contextually he will be made a mapping of the resources and the criticises in such way to individualize possible proposals for the future. In this phase in which it is necessary to put to comparison the interested local public actors, the bases they are also set of a possible and auspicious future collaboration.

This phase is set as objective I specify the acquisition of a suitable knowledge of the economic tipicitàs of the territory, to know their productive situation and to take awareness of those that is their potentialities of development.

Once individualized the principal sectors, the project aims to effect a technical support calibrated for one exploitation of theirs doing the base of departure of it for the expansion of the economic fabric of the small ones and undertook crossborder averages.

A particular relief will be given to the presence and the development of the female entrepeneur, particularly in the small ones and undertook averages, of the two parts.

7.2. Events of small workshop

The activity consists in the realization of 2 sectorial events of small workshop with individual meetings programmed among enterprises of the two areas. The events will be organized according to the methodology in use from Informest and finalized to it stipulates her/it of accords of industrial, commercial and technological collaboration among the enterprises participants.

The action is directed above all to develop interest for possible productive collaborations and of transfer or integration of new technologies of trial or development of new products with particular reference to dwarf - info or bio technologies and to promote industrial cooperation near the enterprises for common investments in development of search finalized to the improvement of the technology.

The two events will be held in Veneto and in Slovenia.

7.3. Actions of support to the technological collaborations

An action of technological auditing will be realized on a champion selected of Venetian firms and Slovenia finalized to the individualization of profiles of technological collaboration by to promote within action of the partners of project. The profiles so individualized you/they will publicly be inserted in an accessible date-base and I promoted in the progress of the activity of project with the objective to favourite the start of collaborations among the enterprises.


7.4. Promotion of a network for the technological collaborations in the crossborder area

The action consists in the promotion of a net among the various structures (Technological Parks and BIC) present in Slovenia able to be able to converse and to use the services of the homologous present structures in the Veneto territory developing in the relationships Italy - Slovenia, the increase of the exchanges or the mutual use of technological innovations.

It doesn't exist to the moment some concrete connection, he proposes therefore to individualize a structural connection among the three initiatives Nova Gorica, Sezana and Koper and to propose them an analogous structural connection with the Venetian experiences.

7.5. Management of the project

This to activity foresees the definition of the operational structure and the debugging of the planning the project with the creation of a box of regal of project, the creation of the site of project for his/her promotion and his/her use as base of communication I model intranet the popularization of the results gotten in the various activities, the administrative management and the coordination for an efficient operation of the same project.



"Project co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund
INTERREG IIIA Community Initiative Italy-Slovenia 2000/2006 (project code CAVEN221570)"